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Classifieds for locally produced food.

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$6/DOZ - Organic Eggs Ravensdale Farm Laporte (3232 Arrowhead Rd Laporte, Farmstand!)
Ravensdale Farm about 2 months ago

Eggs from chickens only fed Organic feed, no Soy, binders, etc. from chickens that roam around the farm all damn day! Pick them up at the farmstand when it's easy for you a...

Chicken's and Turkey's (Fort Collins/Laporte)
KingofRodneys about 2 months ago

I'm looking for someone who knows how to process chickens who've stopped laying and turkeys around thanksgiving times. Please msg me here or email me at erdmanjd29@gmail.c...

$6/lb - Eco-pork shares (Ft. Collins)
Jeremy.mack 2 months ago

These pigs ate ten's of thousands of pounds of "food waste" from stores around ft. Collins. They can be considered the most sustainably produced meat available.

barter/donation based - Locally adapted, hand saved seeds from a neglected garden near you (wherever, whenever )
CopiousSeeds 2 months ago

I have been collecting seeds from my garden for years. Breeding, collecting, sharing, and planting local seeds is the number one thing we should be doing right now in attem...

Free Entry - Background coloring contest! 👋🎨🌶
Nick @ 2 months ago

This is an announcement for a coloring contest! All you need to do is to download this image, print it out and color it in! The background of our website NEEDS COLOR. Won't...